The Berlin Linux User Group (BeLUG) was founded in 1995, formed by some linux events from the humbolt university
In the beginnig the only members where students, they worked on different projects, e.g.the book "linux kernel programming".
By the time they decided to announce their meetings in some of the berlin newsgroups, to meet other linux related people.
Until today we have presentations on the meetings, and we discuss them togther.
On those continuous meetings we had some very popular guests from the linux community:Linus Torvalds, Alan Cox, Theodore T'so, Sebastian Hetze, Erik Troan and others.
Beside our regular meetings our members work on linux events for Berlin, for example the Berlinux, an international linux exhibition, and the linux info days.
We meat every wednesday in the rooms of the "Indivdual Network berlin e.V.", a local internet service provider.
Today we are a group with newbies, users, programers and admins, so if you like you can easly find your place as a member of BeLUG.

Everbody who is interested in linux, or open source software, or simply needs help on linux is welcome to visit us, or join our projects. Membership is not required.


BeLUG.eV - Lehrter Strasse 53 - 10557 Berlin-Mitte rooms of IN-Berlin, every wednesday,here is the actual agenda :BeLUG.eV

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