Multimedia project sound studio "Linux Server" digital language output

Planning and installation of a Linux multimedia server, preparing multimedia services ( MP3, AVI,JEPG ) for 18 users with Windows 98. Setting up DHCP, remote console, routing and backup. Harddisk mirroring is used as a backup strategy. The users have access to 6 different language exercises and education videos. The Samba Server is embedded into the network structure, the system administrator is able to administrate per remote console. The project is made by the Organisation "Linux an Schulen" ( PingOS ), for Didactica Sprachschule in Berlin-Wilmersdorf.

Multimedia project digital videorecording

Installation and configuration of a digital 8 camera ( Sony DTRV-130 ) with FireWire interface. Recording to a harddisk, converting AVI in DIVX, MPEG. Cut, editing and sound recording with RedHat Linux 9.0, the free software "Kino", for example as SVCD, VCD or accessible over ethernet. The digicam can be used together with the webserver "Apache" as a webcam.

Developing an internet terminal with RedHat Linux

Looking for a solution for an internetcafe with a small budget and licence free software. Important for our customer was solid OS, and a simple graphical user interface, our choice was RedHat Linux. We decided to use a small computer case . We found a mini barebone system from "Shuttle". The installation was resolved with KDE and the Mozilla-Browser in kiosk mode. For accounting we used the free software "Zeiberbude", which is a special software for internetcafes.

Hard and software

Since october 2001 I am self employed. One of the tasks of my job is to consult customers on purchasing computers and software. Also the repair of several devices ( computer, printer, peripherials ), troubleshooting, looking for affordable solutions with free software are my business. Support and installation of Microsoft Office, Microsoft Operating Systems and business software and setting up internet or DSL routing ( Fli 4 Linux / Linux Firewall on CD or Floppy ). This kind of work needs a wide variety of knowledge and to be ready for continuous learning.


Since 2003 i am member of Berlin Linux User Group BeLUG.eV, wher I worked on different projects, amongst others on the Typo3Cluster project together with Bodo Eichstädt and Carlos Grießmeyer.

Development of a linux live-CD on slackware-base (SLAX)

At the moment I create linux Live-CD based on the Slax "Kill Bill Edition" for home use. SLAX

Diskless Workstations project BeLUG

developing of a server for diskless clients, based on Debian, the target is to use older hardware and keep administration easy.
Project team : Jean-Christophe Duberga, Lutz Willek, Ralf Voegtle.

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